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Cantonese Exercise 1: ✍ Word Radicals ✍

Knowledge testing time...

Find the radicals of each of the following characters, and define each radical (remember, if you have not seen a radical before, chances are it's going to be of the left hand side!):

, , , ,

If you want, you can use the resource here

OR, you can guess! For example, is related to door, as looks like one.

Solutions in 12 hours :)

gives , gives , gives , gives , gives

Each means: day, heart, place, time, walking (hesitatingly)

Actual character: opposite of day, to understand, to leave, fat, return

January 23, 2017



晦: 日
肥: 月
還: 辶


Great! Do you know what each of them mean (second last line, hint hint ;) ?


日: sun
月: moon
辶: walk
(What do you mean?)


Never mind.... and as a challenge, could you think how each relates to the actual character itself? You might want to get a translator or a dictionary.


I love this!
晦 means dark but 日 isn't dark at all XD
That's all I can tell XD
Google Translator gave me a hand


It's quite good to see someone else jumping off the diving board and teaching a language with lessons like this from scratch! Quite a commendable endeavor, indeed. Keep it up, my friend. =)



日,hui (日的反義詞)心 (heart radical in the form of the actual word for heart) 地方的方,月 in 肥 ,walking 例如:一邊走一遍聊天。 I have just started learning Cantonese on another platform, and am not even at the stage where I'm learning proper words and phrases yet, just doing Jyutping romanisation sounds. I've got Pinyin input for typing in traditional characters with Taiwanese people, and in simplified characters. this mini course helps but I read the characters as if they were Mandarin so the first one looks like "hui" but that's not right I'm sure.

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