"The old woman has twenty cats."

Translation:Bătrâna are douăzeci de pisici.

January 23, 2017

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In "Bătrâna are douăzeci de pisici", is "Bătrâna" a noun meaning "the old woman"?


I don't know but Slavic languages have the same way of objectivation of adjectives. "Stara" means in Ukrainian "old" (female) and "old lady". Romanian was under Slavic influence for a long time.


Avivor, yes, you can use "femeia bătrână" or simply "bătrâna," an adjectival noun.


Nice, but Duo marks "Femeia bătrână" as wrong...


In this context a question: in some languages, including my mothertongue, it is inpolite to "reduce" a person to one of their characteristics, e.g. in naming a "femeia batrana" just "batrana". Is Romanian different in this context and this way of addressing somebody is considered polite?


In Romanian it doesn't sound inpolite „bătrân, bătrână”, it's just like tânăr, tânără. An inpolite way of referring to them can be babă, baborniță or moș, moșneag.


The underline prompt says femeia batrana. I used that in my answer and it was counted incorrect. That is not fair!


"Douăzeci pisici" should be accepted, because only for numbers greater than 20 "de" is required afaik.


I read from several other posts that it is from 20 upwards that you use "de."


As a native Romanian speaker I am glad to see this sentence translated correctly. When we say „bătrân, bătrână, tânăr, tânără” we mean that we are talking about people. So far I have encountered the opposite situation, Duo only accepts the translation „femeia bătrână” which sounds strange to a Romanian speaker.


When I put femeia bătrâna it wouldn't allow it. So bătrâna can only mean old woman


In the underline helps, it would be of benefit to the learner to say douazeci de pisici, if that is the answer you want. The helps don’t really help in that part of the sentence.


It didnt accept when I wrote babă instead of bătrâna. Doesn't it also mean old woman?


Why femeia bătrână


When i write femeia bàtrànà is wrong. ,?

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