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Let's Learn Kazakh! Part 5: Conversational Phrases

Hey there! It's Ocarina, and I'm so glad you can join us for another "Let's Learn Kazakh!" lesson! Today, we're doing "Conversational Phrases! Let's get started! {Also view The Directory for past/future lessons!}

Note: The order goes as follows. English, Kazakh, Romanization

Important sidenote! There are many Kazakh greetings and phrases for leaving, but I will touch upon the 2 most commonly used by both Kazakhs and foreigners, just to keep it simple :)

Hi! - Сәлем! [Sälem!] (Used informally)

Hello! (formal) - Сәлеметсіз бе! [Sälemetsiz be!]

Good morning! - Қайырлы таң! [Qayırlı tañ!]

Good afternoon! - Қайырлы күн! [Qayırlı kün!]

Good evening! - Қайырлы кеш! [Qayırlı kesh!]

Good night! - Қайырлы түн! [Qayırlı tün!]

How are you? (formal) -Қалыңыз қалай? [Qalıñız qalai?]

How are you? (informal) - Қал қалай? [Qal qalai?]

Great! - Тамаша! [Tamasha!]

Fine! - Өте жақсы! [Öte zhaqsı!]

Good! - Жақсы! [Zhaqsı!]

So-so. - Ептеп. [Eptep.]

And you? - Сіз ше? [Siz she?]

All right. - Аман. or Аман-сау. [Aman.] or [Aman-sau]

Nothing new. Everything is the same. - Жаңалық жоқ. Бәрі бұрынғыша. [Zhañalıq zhoq. Bäri burınğısha.]

Goodbye! (formal) - Сау болыңыз! [Sau bolıñız!]

Goodbye! (informal) - Сау бол! [Sau bol!]

Excuse me, I don‟t understand. - Кешіріңіз, түсінбедім. [Keshiriñiz, tüsinbedim.]

Repeat, please! - Қайталаңызшы! [Qaitalañızshı!]

Excuse me, how is that said in Kazakh? - Кешіріңіз, қазақша қалай? [Keshiriñiz, qazaqsha qalai?]

Excuse me, what is this? - Кешіріңіз, мынау не? [Keshiriñiz, mınau ne?]

That's all the conversational phrases! I hope you enjoy, and stay tuned for tomorrow's lesson!


January 24, 2017


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