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  5. "Nó là một con voi châu Phi."

" một con voi châu Phi."

Translation:It is an African elephant.

January 24, 2017



Why tui lại ko đc chấp nhận?????


Hmm, in restarting this lesson I've had like 3 straight audio exercises, and this is with no word list being given at the start to review beforehand.

What in the heck does DL expect of people? What is the point of having people being forced to blunder their way through the first exercises until they can SEE what the answers are, and come up (as I am doing) with their own vocabulary list?

(This is why I'm retaking everything I've taken before from start to finish, to built my own vocabulary list we lost access to with the crown system "enhancement". We still lost the ability to target practice words and phrases we struggled with, though).


I'm with you, Stewart...


Well, I've managed a workaround--you can hit the "can't listen now" button and it will suspend audio testing for one hour. So what I do now is to skip all audio testing through at least crown level 4 on any exercise, and most of the times crown level 5. After then I essentially start audio testing. That eases the frustration level mightily, because by the time you hit level 5 the vocabulary is more familiar to you. At least you're not being asked to write down words you've never seen in print.

If you're interested, I can share my vocabulary list I've built. It contains nearly all the DL words plus some I use frequently with my Vietnamese friends online.


For my part, I write my vocabulary down by hand: it is old-fashioned, but it helps me a lot to remember. Your list would be interesting, but I don't know how you manage to share it...


Are you still maintaining your vocab list and willing to share? Thanks either way!


I am willing to share. I need to tidy it up a bit and add some more words.

Also--my spreadsheet doesn't include everything in the DL Vietnamese by my oversight. I realized that when comparing the list to the total number here:


I was short by maybe less than 100 words in my spreadsheet to what I should have learned in that list. (even though my spreadsheet includes some expressions I've learned from Vietnamese friends not in the course). That's because my spreadsheet doesn't include a few words in the course I've got down pat--'tôi', 'muốn', 'bạn', 'là', 'những', 'cái', etc. I just never thought to put them in, because when DL took away the vocabulary list from us these words I already had down pat.

Maybe I should post it on a server and then everyone can use it and alter it to taste?


I'd be very interested. I started my own list a few years ago, but got overwhelmed when it got long enough keeping track of which words were new and which I just hadn't seen in a long time and had forgotten.


why is : it is an elephant from africa ... refused ?

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