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  5. "Bărbatul nu bea suc."

"Bărbatul nu bea suc."

Translation:The man does not drink juice.

January 24, 2017



Is the "nu" supposed to be kinda silent?


No, „nu” is never silent.


No, the app is just stupid sometimes

[deactivated user]

    Would the audio be spelled like,"Bărbatul n-bea suc"? Or does that not make sense in Romanian?


    This doesn’t make any sense in Romanian to be honest, the audio is bad


    Yeah. Sometimes the voice says the sentence too fast and the words run together. The devs need to slow her down a bit.


    How would Romanians pronuciate ,,bea"? The audio confuses me even though I have been working on pronunciation for a while now.


    Here's an example of the pronunciation : https://forvo.com/word/bea/#ro (pronounced by RospeakerNik).


    why is it "bea" and not bei or beau?


    Hi there :) , I will put here the entire conjugation of the verb a bea for you to see the difference.

    a bea Eu beau Tu bei El/Ea bea Noi bem Voi beți Ei/Ele beau

    So, bea it's used for El (Bărbatul) and not bei or beau. Good luck mastering this language xD


    This actually helps a ton! Thanks!


    What is the difference between bea, beau, and bei?


    The difference is the person’s ending. Unlike english which has almost the same form for most of the tense (present or any other), romanian has its conjugation a little bit different.

    A bea (to drink) at present tense is conjugated like this: Eu beau = I drink, Tu bei = You drink (singular), El (He) / Ea (She) bea (drinks), Noi bem (We drink), Voi beți (You drink, plural) and Ei (Masculine form of They) / Ele (feminine form of they) beau (drink). If there are more questions you want me to answer, don’t be shy.


    Thank you, I'm new to Romanian and was very confused.


    I made a special account for those who want to learn romanian, it’s on facebook, you can search me if you want help: Paula Pau, it has a drawing with a blonde girl having a tattoo on her arm at the profile pic


    Yeah, a drawing, I made the account today

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