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"Έχουμε την ίδια διεύθυνση γιατί ζούμε με τους γονείς μας."

Translation:We have the same address because we live with our parents.

January 24, 2017



Why is "since" not accepted?


Late response, but, for anyone that happens to read this, "since" better translates to "από τη στιγμή που" in this case (etiology).


I used "since" (instead of "because") thinking it was a better match for this sentence.


Why is "γιατί " used here instead of "επειδή " ? Is it related to the verb that follows "γιατί "?


They are synonymous and the only difference is that the former is more frequently used.


I've played back the normal-speed reading several times on this one and the word τους is completed obliterated, sounding more like a "trr." Could a moderator please check this out and ask DL to fix it, if you hear a distortion, too?


I believe it sounds ok for a TTS program. At any rate, issues of this kind need a lot of time to go up the list and be amended, if at all.

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