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"Ihre Jacken sind groß und schwarz."

Translation:Their jackets are big and black.

February 20, 2013



to me it's something between "Jagen" and "Jagung"


I'm glad that I'm not the only one who didn't hear anything resembling "Jacken." I have good ears (dictation seems to be my only talent here) but I've been confused by the pronunciation of this word many times. I hope Duo fixes it.


I agree on the bad pronunciation, after many listening I got "Jagen"


Same here! I hardly understand "Jagen/Jagung". It is really irritating to lose one heart for that, when we obviously know the word "Jacken".


is that really how "Jacken" is pronounced..."Yatten"


The pronounciation isn't very good. I hear 'Jagen', though. Here's a better recording: http://www.dict.cc/?s=jacke


It also sounded to me like "jatten" or "yatten", with the English "y" sound, and I listened over and over at both speeds. I don't believe DL uses robot voices, but digitized clips of native speakers. The German speaker has a very pleasant voice, but sometimes her pronunciation seems to be some regional or local variant of standard Hochdeutsch, causing unnecessary confusion for us. The Italian speaker doesn't have such a pleasing voice, and in slow speed sounds like she is gasping for air. Compared to DL Italian, we students of DL German have it good.


Right, the robot voice should see a pulmonologist. And an otolaryngologist :-)


How does one differentiate the pronunciations of "Ihr" and "Ihre"? They both sound the same to me...


"ear" vs. "ear-ay." What I'm struggling with is that "ihre" can mean her, his, your(pl) or their...how do we know which one is meant??


I think it is the same as in English "your". It may be singular or plural, but you must get the meaning through the context.


The closest I could get to Jacken was Abend. Where is Frau Siri?


Uhm, I though it was Jäger, or something like that (yeah, I know it doesn't make sense u.u)

[deactivated user]

    why we put Ihre here and not ihr?


    I think that is because the substantive is in its plural form (Jacken is the plural of Jacke)

    [deactivated user]

      thanks, can we translate this like "Their jackets" as well?


      Same here this pronunciation is really strange


      Can I say " die Jacken sind zu groB*" if I want to mean that the jacket is too big instead of bigger?


      You're in the right direction. Except that you just said it in plural. Should be "Die Jacke ist zu groß"


      sounds like jadden


      It sounds like he's saying "Ihre Jacken sind kurz und schwarz." to me.

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