"Tu mă urăști pe mine?"

Translation:Do you hate me?

January 24, 2017

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Same discussion as before, the form ”Tu mă urăști?”, or even ”Mă urăști?” is/are perfectly fine. You would add ”pe mine” when you want to stress it, like ”you hate me ?” (not him?)


My question as always. If two Romanians were speaking together in Romania. Would they say " tu ma urasti " or "tu ma urasti pe mine " ? I fear Duo is setting me up to be the subject of "spot the foreigner"


How do you determine when to add "pe mine", "pe tine," etc. in sentences like these? It often seems redundant to add that at the end, and Duolingo has some sentences with it and some without, and I can't differentiate what is making the difference.


In spanish it would sound like Tu me odias a mi? A bit redundant


Why so we need to state "me" twice essentially?


Essentially to add emphasis. Without = You hate me. With = You hate ME (specifically!)

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