"Eu mănânc piperul iute."

Translation:I eat the hot pepper.

January 24, 2017



the translation ”I eat the pepper fast” or ”quickly” has to be accepted too :P

”iute” also means ”fast”/”quick”, etc. and the sentence is common in both ways, with equal probability.

January 24, 2017


It seems that "iute" is an adjective. I wonder how does one formulate and use the Romanian adverbials for "fast" and "quickly" in order to accommodate the suggested translation?

June 15, 2017


”Iute” is adverb too, see my first post, like in ”iarba crește iute” (the grass grows fast). In fact is mostly used as adverb. https://dexonline.ro/definitie/iute

”Eu manânc iute piperul” (attach it to the verb) leaves no ambiguity of its function or meaning, it means ”I eat the pepper fast”. The Duo's version is ambiguous. Without suitable context, a native Romanian won't know the exact meaning, either ”I eat the hot pepper” or ”I eat the pepper fast”. The ”antonymic” sentence is also non-ambiguous, ”Eu manânc încet piperul” or ”Eu mănânc piperul încet”, leaves no doubt, it means ”I eat the pepper slowly”, and that is because the pepper can not be slow, in spite of the fact that ”încet” is also adjective (like in retard, slow-moving, lazy, etc).

To remove the ambiguity, you have to say ”Eu mănânc piperul cel iute”, now this qualifies the adjective (I eat that hot pepper). There is not much place for a synonym, beside of the ugly construction (due to repetition) ”Eu mănânc piperul piperat” (however, grammatically correct). For the other meaning, beside of attaching the adverb to the verb (as shown above, and then there is no doubt), you also have plenty of synonyms to use, i.e. ”Eu mănânc piperul repede/imediat/etc”.

June 15, 2017


Does "piperul iute" here refer to a hot chili or a hot pepper corn?

May 26, 2018



August 4, 2018
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