"Câinele este rău."

Translation:The dog is bad.

January 24, 2017

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No, he's not! He's a good boi.


wouldn't "the dog is fierce" work better here? I know we put banners with "atenție, câine rău” on our fences, but the guys on the other side of the big pool have the same banners written ”fierce dog”... Like, it is not bad, you can eat it without having indigestion... but it is fierce, it will eat you first...


Interesting that "bad" brings to mind eating quality from your perspective; typically "bad" brings to mind behavior quality where I am from. (in this context, particularly describing an animal or person)


Well, you are right, this dog is bad, it does never eat all its food, and it doesn't sleep well in the afternoon... Bad dog! Bad!

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