"Peștii sunt frumoși sau urâți?"

Translation:Are the fish beautiful or ugly?

January 24, 2017

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2019-03-06 Why can't DL find this in the discussions?! I searched for fish, beautiful, pretty, and ugly in several combinations, and it never found a Romanian sentence with those words in the English translation. DL, fix your discussion search, please.


In Romanian"peşte could be means"pimp"sometimes..


Sorry I tried to do a laughing emoticon but it is not displaying :D


Any idea why the voice sounds way worse on the desktop vs the mobile app? I can totally understand the mobile app, but with the desktop the words are so stuttered and slammed together it is so hard to tell what is being said.


Certainly, they're rich.


Are the fish beautiful or ugly? - It is wrong! The answer must be next: Is the fish beautiful or ugly! "Fish" is uncountable noun.


In English 'the fish' can mean either one fish or many fish, so its fine to say "the fish are". Eg if you say "the fish is swimming" then you mean one fish. If you say "the fish are swimming" then you mean 2 or more.

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