"Acea pălărie e mai mare."

Translation:That hat is bigger.

January 24, 2017

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I feel really stagnant and frustrated with this lesson (even though my native language is Spanish). Does anybody know of a video/blog/etc. that I can watch to understand better?


this is the video i found from Learn Romanian with Nico on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sfzIcIVVcw

i picked up that when we are using the words as a noun (ie. that is my brother. or those are my sisters) we us these words:

this/these (formal) acesta (ms) aceasta (fs) aceștia (mp) acestea (fp)
that/those (formal) acela (ms) aceea (fs) aceia (mp) acelea (fp)

but we can also use these shorter casual forms
this/these (informal) asta (ms) asta (fs) aștia (mp) astea (fp)
that/those (informal) ala (ms) aia (fs) aia (mp) alea (fp)

when we are using the words as an adjective (ie. 'that boy is my brother' or 'those girls are my sisters') it makes a difference if we put it before or after the noun. These are the words to go before a noun:

this/these acest (ms) această (fs) acești (mp) aceste (fp)
that/those acel (ms) acea (fs) acei (mp) acele (fp)

If you want to put the word after the noun you use the same as the noun form and can be either the proper long or casual short form


Can we say "aceea" instead of "acea" as mentioned in the tips and notes?


From what I have learned it's either ”acEa pălăriE or ”pălăriA acEEa” (the noun has to be in its definite/articulate form if it comes first).


Hi, Same question for me. Could the tips and notes for that lesson be updated to include that remark about distinction between "Acea" and "Aceea" ?


Sadly, those of us using the phone app have had to infer all of the rules from the examples. I was six months in before I heard about the notes.


sometimes I feel that I don't really benefit from reading the TIPS. It is crazy that they are not available on the phone app, only on the computers. But it is even crazier how much they differ from the sentences in the lessons.

I used to copy down the tips and try to learn them before starting a lesson. But too often I end up more confused.

Duolingo is still the best (free) app out there, but I struggle with the inconsistency.


fwiw I use the phone app and haven't looked at the tips yet. Between the lessons and the comments I'm able to follow along, though I did have some background before starting Duo. I ran into trouble initially with the demonstrative pronouns, but it sounds like the tips had some gaps in content for that lesson, so I'm not sure how much I missed.

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