Is Spreeblick the best Duolingo can do? This material is unfit for anyone trying to learn the language. It is filled with undefined terms and vague references. And what are the punctuation rules for this ad hoc language that is composed of dialect, English and archaic words? Actually the blog is unfit for anything.

February 20, 2013


I tend to agree, would it not be possible to have some serious newspapers or magazines, such as Die Welt or Der Spiegel? That way we might learn something about modern Germany as well as improve our German.

Serious is an appropriate word. Serious newspapers and magazines ensure that the material is grammatically correct. Regarding this blog the language appears to be a sociolect. This is how Wikipedia defines a sociolect. "Sociolects involve both passive acquisition of particular communicative practices through association with a local community, as well as active learning and choice among speech or writing forms to demonstrate identification with particular groups." Also I get the feeling that the style of this blog is intended to obfuscate the frivolous nature of the subject matter. I can tolerate the drivel, but as a person trying to learn the language the nonstandard German is unacceptable.

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