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Let's put our translated texts from Immersion together

Dear translation buddies, I was not sensible, I admit. I kept on thinking that although Immersion disappeared one day, we would have been given the grace time needed to download our work as we wished.

All the comments and Grammar notes have been lost.

But it happens I do have downloaded a tiny amount of them in a two-column PDF format and I am retreiving the rest through the links to the .txt files on the mails received, which I want to share with my collaborators and with anyone who is interested.

I encourage you all, homeless translators, to share the docs you have managed to download before the Immersion closing or the .txt files through the mail link "download translation". Please, keep in mind that texts where a period or any little thing was left untranslated, will never be retrieved, as they are considered uncomplete and thus, the system has never sent a completion notice by email.

Please, help me to retrieve as many as possible!

These are the texts being collected:

Letra_a's + Terehola's + Mariajo's + Carme222's:


Letter_s's + Quantifier's:


Greetings to all!

January 24, 2017



Hola, Ana. Después de ver tu idea pensé que no tenía ningún documento guardado, pero Terehola me dio la idea de los correos de duo cuando te dice que el texto que has colgado ha sido traducido. He recuperado estos :http://www.duolingo.com/translate_jobs/841072/export




















En Drive, me dice que no tengo permiso para subirlos, tal vez lo hago bien:( Pero sí puedo ver los que ya están Me he puesto nostálgica al recordar los buenos momentos que pasé traduciéndolos en tan buena compañía...

Un besote


Allí no puedes añadirlos, por falta de permisos de escritura. Pero si tienes un Drive, Dropbox o algún servicio de almacenamiento en la nube, puedes subirlos allí y compartir después el enlace con nosotros. Hablamos mañana, mejor: yo también estoy más allá que acá. :)


Hola, Mariajo! He creado una carpeta con tu nombre para que te sea más fácil localizar tus archivos. También los he renombrado para que sean reconocibles por el nombre del archivo. Aun así algunos no han querido rebautizarse :)). Lo intentaré en otro momentito. Creo que ya tenemos una buena biblioteca pero qué pena que no estemos recuperando más :((


Gracias, eres un tesoro, ¡qué eficiencia! .


Aún nos faltan el segundo y el tercero. Dame la referencia cuando puedas. Saludos!


Otro más :)) ¡Gracias! Feliz triste lunes (dicen que siempre lo son... y malditos y muchas cosas más, también) :))


I'm sorry Ana, but I've never downloaded any translation. I wish I'd done it, as some translations really took a lot of work. Unfortunately, it's all gone now.


Let's hope someone has done. I am thinking about W-Cephei. I am almost sure he has some. Thanks, anyway :))


Great Idea. I had just started using Immersions and I downloaded two short stories in Italian/English. How can I get them to you?


Great!! Have you a gmail / dropbox / Onenote account or something similar, cloud based where to upload your texts? If so you can get the link and share it with us!


Will have to find out how to do this. Happy to share. Thanks


If you find it not so easy, send them to me to letra.a.2017 at the most used mail service in the world :)


¡Hola Letra infatigable! Revisando mis mails he encontrado unos cinco textos (menos de un grano de arena de las enormes playas traducteriles de la comunidad duolinguera) de los que te mandaba Duolingo diciendo que habían tenido mucha aceptación. Yo soy muy torpe con dropbox y nubes, ¿quieres que te los mande a la dirección de mail que has dado a Sdgg2? Un gran abrazo. Tere


Por supuestooooo! Gracias Tere :) 5 lingots como 5 soles por estos 5 tesoros :))


Enviados, espero que te hayan llegado. Gracias a ti Letra por todo el trabajo que te tomas. Creo que alguno de los textos estaba "pingüineado". Un besote


Recibidos con lazo de regalo y todo ;) Gracias, Tere!


A great idea

here is a poem from my neighbour

give with Robert Burns birth tomorrow


thank you for your link

and I will take a good look at it

all the best


Thanks a lot, Jack! :)


Mariajo y Terehola, muchas gracias! Ahora caigo en que Duolingo permite DESCARGAR LOS TEXTOS AÚN desde el enlace de los email recibidos anunciando que un texto ha sido traducido! Qué gran noticia: todos los textos pueden ser recuperados :)))

Mañana pondré todos los que tengo... van a ser muchos, muchísimos. Espero que otros compañeros hagan lo mismo y podamos recuperarlos todos!

Gracias a ambas!


Sí, una buena idea. Perdona, el segundo y el tercer enlace no son correctos, son los originales y no las traducciones. Las traducciones todas son: www duolingo.com/traslate_jobs....export Hoy estoy muy cansada , mañana recupero los dos que te envié equivocadamente Hasta mañana :)


Tranquila, Mariajo, con calma. No creo que nos desalojen :)) Tampoco hace falta que ahora se nos acabe la salud. Un besote y hablamos con calma estos días. ¡Gracias de nuevo!


I have started to put some of mine together here. Thanks so much for this idea. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1suqWqzdwiFeWZIY2ozblVTbWc?usp=sharing I have many of Quantifier's translations that he is sending to me also.


Thanks a lot, Sandy! I am adding your link above for a better reference :))


Hi A. I wanted to thank you for your initiative. I think it's time to get to work and do everything possible to retrieve the work for so many months. There are lots of translated articles from the english wikipedia that can be added up to wikipedia in Spanish, so they will never be lost.


That is the spirit and the goal, thanks, Luis! We are retrieving a lot. We have work for some months in the Wiki now :DD. Let's make all that work does not get lost in oblivion. :)


Great idea Ana, unfortunatelyI don't think I've got anything useful downloaded, I was, stupidly, relying on bookmarked links. It never crossed my mind that they would delete the actual work, even if they discontinued immersion. How naive can you be?


We never expected to live through this, Gena! We are not naive, we must put the blame elsewhere...


True, but I normally plan for the worst and hope for the best. I am kicking myself that I did not do that here.


Do not be too hard to yourself. As said, it was not your fault, although unfortunately it changes nothing at all. I will be spoiling myself with a lot of doughnuts in a minute... compulsive eating due to nerves... and I blame Duo on it too!


Downvoters have honoured us with their beautiful negative appreciation. I will never end to get surprised on their capacity to find negative any kind of initiative, although this one should mean nothing to them :)) What a waste of energy :DDD


You can ask Alvaro for the Candide and I Promesi Sposi files :))


Yeah, why did they get rid of Immersion?


To put in bots, which they are working on right now. Personally, I think Immersion is way better


Two questions. Did anyone create an english group? And, did anyone sign up to Memrise?


Buddies are gathering at different sites:



http://jackelliot.over-blog.com is useful to keep track of homeless translators from Duo's nest :))

I am in those, but still not registered on Memrise.

[deactivated user]

    I'm exploring Lang-8.com, it's promising. If we can recreate our community of translators there, we will be able to move fast there using the "friends" feature. Just an option.


    Look for me there, you will find a nice group :)

    [deactivated user]

      I've sent you a friendship request ! Saludos !!

      [deactivated user]

        Hola Ana, por alguna razón, no encuentro la opción de responder a tu comentario, por eso utilizo el mío. He encontrado gente que se presenta como ex-duolingo para continuar sus estudios o mejorar su lenguaje. Todavía no he podido encontrar usuarios del nivel con el que nos estuvimos manejando en duo, pero eso lleva tiempo y suerte !! Gracias por tu respuesta, no hay apuro Ana. Saludos cordiales !!!


        Lang-8 must be rubbing their hands as so many good minds and people are entering their site :)) I have temporally lost my pass (I think I registered in too many sites in just 3 days). But I will accept your friendship there as soon as I can Eduardo! (I am going through a hectic period)...


        Thanks for your initiative. Unfortunately I did not download any text, thinking I could read them when i need it. And some months ago I lost my accounts (English from French and Italian from French too). So I began to work Italian from English, I have a lot of work to do to improve the two languages. I am glad to see that a lot of duolingo coworkers were "friends".


        Thanks for your support, Madeleine! You can still retrieve your own files work from the "A document you uploaded has received some attention!" mails. There is a link there to download a .txt file with the translation.

        Duolingo has created strong links among collaborators. All of us are looking for gathering again in any other place to continue with our collaboration. Helpful people, native speakers are eager to keep on helping others. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but we will find a more friendly environment to do so for sure :))

        Keep well, Madeleine and keep tuned for more updates on groups!

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