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  5. "I want to see your ears."

"I want to see your ears."

Translation:Tôi muốn xem tai của bạn.

January 24, 2017


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Why is it "Tôi không thấy ngón tay của anh ấy" but "Tôi muốn xem ..." here?


Yes, " xem TV", "xem đồng hồ". And also "xem bệnh" = " khám bệnh" = ( the doctor) check your health


If you use " thấy đồng hồ" or " thấy TV", it means that you missed them before and now you find them. Or you saw a friend in a coffee, than you tell other that you " thấy" that person. And cannot use "xem" in these above


"Tôi muốn xem tai bạn" should be accepted.

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