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FAQ for the Swedish course

The Swedish team decided it was time to put together an FAQ, to answer some very common questions in batch. :)

Q: Why didn't you accept my synonym for mom, dad, or another family member?

A: We know that there are a lot of variations in what family members are called throughout the English-speaking world. But each translation has to be entered manually. There are some shortcuts, but not that many. So if the average sentence has 4-5 variations, and the word "mother" appears in about 30 sentences, we need to add it 120-150 times - possibly more! If people have 6-7 different synonyms for "mother", that's suddenly 720 additions minimum - and then we get to "father", "grandmother", and so on. Adding more variations to the 4-5 ones we do accept for each family member is simply not feasible, and since it's not that hard to use the "proper" names, we ask you to please stick to those throughout the course.

A Swedish proverb states that Kärt barn har många namn - A treasured child goes by many names. The Swedish course has certainly proven that! :)

Q: What's this "Tree 2.0" thing I keep hearing about?

A: We're currently rebuilding the course to make it even better, and to add more skills. For more information, please see the initial feedback thread here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11580398

Q: Oh wow, that sounds great! So when's it coming?

A: We don't know yet but we're actively working on it. :)

Q: Why do I have to spell out numbers?

A: When translating from Swedish into English, we do accept numbers - meaning both "twenty" and "20" are accepted, for instance. We might have missed some instances, so please report those. But when translating into Swedish, our intention is for you to learn the pronunciation and spelling of the word, so we don't accept numbers then.

Q: How does the typo system work?

A1: Generally, you're allowed one typo per word as long as it doesn't turn into another word. This can be very annoying at times, when it's obvious your answer was correct, but we can't affect this - and for the most time, the system works fine.

A2: One thing the system doesn't get quite right, however, is the use of apostrophes. For instance, when writing a phrase such as "my parents' apples", Duolingo will assume that the apostrophe is not part of the sentence, and tell you that you had a typo. This bug exists in all courses, and we can't affect it.

A3: Another occasional problem is that sentences might have extra spaces if an optional word is missing. For instance, if both "all of the apples" and "all the apples" are accepted translations of a phrase, Duolingo might tell you that you had a typo in the latter because it thinks the "of" should have been replaced with an extra space. This we actually can affect, so feel free to report it. :)

Q: Why won't you accept phrases that obviously mean the same thing as what I entered?

A: This is usually because of one of three things:

  1. What you entered is almost but not quite synonymous, and has a direct equivalent in Swedish.

  2. You changed the sentence construction. We'll accept small deviations, but since a major aim of the course is to teach not only Swedish vocabulary but also how things are phrased in Swedish, we tend not to accept solutions that move around things a lot.

  3. What you entered is technically correct, but unidiomatic. We get loads of these reported in Swedish by people who are obviously not native Swedish speakers. And while we encourage people to report mistakes, reporting things that are correct in English and hence "should" be correct in Swedish is not generally advisable.

Ultimately, there are hundreds of sentences where it could be argued either way. We try to be accepting, but we do make mistakes, and we reevaluate our decisions continuously.

Q: I forgot to report my problem when I encountered it, what do I do?

A: If you encounter it again, simply report it then. But if not, we have a few million learners, so if there's a problem with a sentence we are very confident that someone else will find it shortly. :)

Q: I'm not from the USA, why are you using American English?

A: We try to accomodate as many of the major English variations as possible. If we've missed a common word or spelling, by all means please do report that. However, we also need a default translation for every sentence, and Duolingo's courses for English speakers are all geared towards American English mainly. Should you dislike that policy, take it up with Duolingo - not with us, because we have no say over that. We've removed hundreds of reports about how much better British/Canadian/Australian English is, so please, please don't do that.

Q: I found an error. Should I use the "report a problem" button?

A: In general: sure - if you are certain that you're right. If you're not, we encourage you to post in the comments thread for the sentence, so that others can help you. If you're sure, please do send a report - that's the main way we can improve the course!

That said, we get tens of thousands of error reports, and over 90 % of those are very obviously incorrect. Please read your translation an extra time before sending, and please try to be extra careful if you're not a native English or Swedish speaker (depending on what you're reporting). Sorting through all of these error reports is manual labour, and actively prevents us from spending time developing the tree further - plus, there's a very real risk that we miss actually correct error reports amidst the sea of incorrect ones.

Q: What should I not write in a "freewrite report"?

A1: However you choose to write it, just please be aware that we can't see what you got wrong. We've had thousands - literally - of reports that say things like "My answer should have been correct", and we have absolutely no idea what you entered, so all we can do is to delete the report. We also can't see who wrote the report, so we can't ask, either.

A2: The typo system is not handled by us (see above), so please don't write reports about "My answer was only a typo, you should accept it!"

A3: Please don't write to tell us how superior British English is to American English (see above).

Q: Should I write a comment when I don't understand what I got wrong?

A: Yes! Definitely yes. It's an excellent way of learning, and there are many users - natives and otherwise - who post marvelous answers. However, we have no idea what you entered, nor what kind of exercise you got - translation, type what you hear, etc. - so please be explicit in writing out exactly what you got wrong and what exercise type it was.

Q: Can I delete comments I've written?

A: Yes, although we prefer if people don't delete their old comments - they might still be of use to other learners. If you really have to delete a comment which has replies, please ask a moderator to instead - otherwise it'll make all child comments unremovable.

Q: The voice says "dom" but the spelling says de or dem. What's up with that?

A: Both de and dem are pronounced dom by the vast majority of Swedes. In fact, they're two of the most commonly misspelled words by natives, so don't get discouraged if you get them wrong. Now, we accept dom anywhere that either of those are accepted (and if we don't - shoot us an error report!), but it should be noted that dom is colloquial.

That said, however, the "type what you hear" exercises have an annoying bug which will mark you wrong if you type anything but the default translation - even if there are multiple correct choices. Unfortunately, this leaves us the choice of either making dom a default everywhere, which would be terrible for the course, or having learners be told that they're wrong for writing dom, which is unkind to learners.

Ultimately, we think that the latter option is better - and we do want to teach you de/dem anyway. Hopefully, Duolingo developers will eventually fix the bug to make the problem go away.

Q: Is it i dag or idag? The machine says I made a typo!

A: In short: both are perfectly fine. The Swedish language council recommends the spelling i dag, so we go by their recommendation as a default, but both are always acceptable in any kind of writing.

The problem is that Duolingo stopped recognising this a while ago. So if you type idag, it will occasionally claim that you made a typo. Rest assured that you did not. We've reported this as a bug as well, but we don't know when it might be resolved.

For more information, please refer to Arnauti's thread here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12941839

Q: Why do some "translate to Swedish" excercises use unidiomatic English?

A: It's important to learn Swedish sentence construction, and we'll occasionally use the English phrase that corresponds the best with the Swedish sentence in order to force you to think in that way - even though it might mean that another English phrase would be a lot better. Further, this is closely related to the next question in the FAQ.

Q: Why do some "translate to English" exercises use unidiomatic English in their default translations?

A: It's mostly because of the way "translate to Swedish" exercises work. These are generated from the "translate to English" exercises automatically, using the default translation for each sentence. In other words: if we choose the most idiomatic English translation in the "translate to English" exercises, this may occasionally lead to "translate to Swedish" exercises that make little sense to have in the course. Ideally, we would have preferred to separate these concepts entirely, but we have no technical option of doing so.

Q: I've never heard the word "swum" before! I'm a native English speaker. Clearly it does not exist.

A: Sorry. Despite the massive amounts of reports requesting to remove words like "swum" and "rung", we'll stick to the grammar books on these ones, if only for the benefit of learners who don't speak native English. :)

Q: Other courses offer bonus skills, why don't you?

A: Two bonus skills have been prepared and waiting for a very long time now. Unfortunately, they are being held back for technical reasons. We don't know what these reasons are, nor when they might be fixed, but we'd be thrilled to finally offer you some bonus lessons.

On a related note, the Swedish team thoroughly dislikes the flirting bonus skill, so that's not coming at all.

January 24, 2017



Does this mean that when you send a report with "my answer should have been accepted", the answer you gave isn't included in the report? Why would you even have such an option then?


That is correct, and I have absolutely NO idea why it's implemented that way. Remember, we only maintain the course - we don't actually develop anything. If it were up to us, we'd happily change that in an heartbeat.


I was not aware of that. Thanks for pointing it out, I was always assuming that my answer would be reported if I chose that option.


I'm sorry, I must amend my previous answer. Apparently the option for reporting an alternate translation is called "My answer should have been accepted" as well - if you use that, then we do get the answer you provided as well.

That exact phrase, "My answer should have been accepted", is also very common as a so-called "Freewrite report", so I thought that was an error. Perhaps it still is, but it's not as stupid as I thought. So please do continue to send such reports, and I apologise for my mistake.


I can definitely appreciate why.


Yeah, maybe you should write it as a note under the first lesson. I know I often used it because I thought it reported the answer I have, but I won't use it anymore and by writing it in the notes of the first lesson you'd lower the number of reports you get.


You do have a point.


What about tree 2.0?


It's under active development but we would prefer not to give any actual estimates. Rest assured that it IS coming - eventually. :)


What actually is tree 2.0? Is it just an extension of the Swedish tree, or is an entirely new tree?


It's a new tree, but it does use the old one as a base template. Lots of good stuff in the current tree as well, so it makes sense to keep the parts that work. :)


Would I have to complete my tree all over again?


I went through this with other languages - you only need to redo the parts that changed (so if a skill had new lessons/words added). If an early skill was modified and you're further up the tree, you do not lose the progress - it's just that an early skill shows as incomplete.


Brilliant - thank you, brblja.


I'm honestly not exactly sure how that works. I think that you'll keep your progress but that you'll have some new things to do. I would definitely expect that you shouldn't need to start from scratch.


Is the tree a piece of software please?


What do you mean? The tree is the list of lessons you go through when you do exercises on here.


doh! Sorry devalandriel


so if somebody has half the tree gold or the entire tree completed and gold when the new tree is introduced, will the progress reset or just for some lessons?


So would you recommend waiting for the new tree to pick up Swedish? (I just want to learn it for fun, so I can wait)


Not at all! The current tree is outstanding - we just want to make the next one even better. :)


Okay, thank you for your answer :)


You have to be the first person that I've seen here with lvl 25 on Swedish...


There are a few of us now. It just took a while. :-)


Are you still actively working on tree 2.0? You are doing a great job! I like the Swedish tree very much and you are always very helpful in the comments!


I am very glad to hear that, but I have not been a contributor for a while now, as I had to quit for health reasons a while back.


Jag är ledsen att höra det :( Your help really is incredible. Ta hand om dig själv! :-)


Thanks! I'm happy to say that my health issues were finally mostly resolved and that I am back on the course again. :)


Glad to hear that you are feeling better. We all benefit from your helpful comments. Really, I have gained a much better grasp of the language because of you and the other knowledgeable moderators.


I can't tell if or when tree 2.0 was implemented. Is that what we are using now (Nov 2020)? All the discussion was 3 years ago and then 7 mo. ago


The old Tree 2 died out, basically since a few people fell out of the project and I was not able to do it alone (and then I got sick). But the new Tree 2 is under active development by Super-Svensk and me.


Thank you!!! I am sorry that you were sick but glad that you seem to be feeling better.


I too am glad to know you are feeling better. Thank you for working on this. I do hope when it is done we can see what we are typing in the type what you hear lessons and other recent problems get fixed as well. (Multiple reports haven't made a difference yet. :-()


How come we don't have a 'Words' section for swedish? This could be very useful in case I forget some word.


Unfortunately, that's completely out of our hands. If we could offer one to you, we gladly would.


On that note, can you tell us the total number of words in the Swedish course?


I'd be happy to tell you, but it doesn't show anywhere so I have no idea either. :)


If you use duolingo vocab manager app on the google chrome browser it tells you how many words are in your current duolingo vocabulary. It is probably not exact and might very well double count words that have several similar translations into english. However I am at level 16 and according to the vocab app I have 2844 words to study.


Oh, I thought the course contributors could maybe see it. Well, thanks anyway.


It's not entirely impossible that it does show somewhere - but if it does, I'm yet to find it...


Will there be at some point? It's both fun and useful.


Again, it's not something we can affect, so I honestly have no idea.


Reminder that we still want to know this!


Well sure, but... as I said, we have no idea.


For any other users (and this should be included in the FAQ as well), create a "Swedish" class here: https://schools.duolingo.com/


That's meant for schools and teachers, and though any user can enroll it's not really part of the course per se.


No, but you can see the words there. https://i.imgur.com/io1gY7B.png

Sadly only in Swedish, but at least that's something.


Ah, sorry. I didn't realise you were replying to a comment on words.


As a native English speaker, I see no problem with "Swum": "I swam the Channel, therefore the Channel has now been swum". Wish I could remember the proper linguistic term here! "Past perfect passive"?? Same for "Rung" by the way - "I rang the bell, therefore the bell has now been rung". Ah, the benefits of a Scottish education! :-)


"I swam the Channel, therefore the Channel has now been swum". = "Jag sam i kanalen, därför har kanalen nu summits". Eh? It doesn't sound too good. But my old aunt used the tenses "simma - sam - summit" but these days it's more common with "simma - simmade - simmat".


Native American speaker here, and I can confirm that: 1) it is the "past participle" and 2) At least in the New England area, we use them all the time. It hurts our ears to hear "The bell has now been rang / The channel has been swam".


It hurts my ears, too, here in the Midwest. It also sticks out to use "swum" or "rung" in the wrong place, like, "I rung the bell" or "I swum across the river." It grates.


I think that would be the past participle.


Simple as that! D'oh!


"Swum" would be called a "past passive participle" as used in Thorfinn1960's sentence above...


The song has been sung :P


spring has sprung, there are bells to be rung, and a wonderful fling to be flung ;) If it's good enough for Frank it's good enough for me :D


I was checking to see if anyone else understood the correct use of swum/rung/sung I so hate hearing or reading "I have swam" instead of "I have swum" BTW: I was educated well south of the border.... ;o)


'swum' is the past participle of 'swim'.

[deactivated user]

    Looking forward to Swedish Tree 2.0! I hope there will be lessons on: particle verbs, phrasal verbs that are NOT particle verbs, idioms, compound words, constructions, for example - 'too X to Y' -- 'för trött för att försöka', more on word order (although Arnauti's post on that topic is great)

    I appreciate very much all the hard work and diligence the Swedish team has put into this course! Three Cheers (or Four)!


    Thanks for this! The de / dem explanation tripped me up the first time I tried Swedish in another app. Nice to see it here for those just starting out. Now if only the sj and related pronunciations were as straightforward!

    I'm sorry people are abusing the report system for English issues and the choice to use American English. Maybe you can give them a warning and then just squelch them for a time? Perhaps those kinds of reports can be automatically directed to a lower priority status to deal with as time permits, much like automatically sorting junk mail in your email.

    I'm looking forward to the 2.0 version of Swedish. You folks do a wonderful job for us and hopefully you realize how appreciative we are for all your hard work.


    I would, but we can't even see who sent the reports, let alone implement something like that. :)


    That's definitely something they need to implement for you guys as a time saver. Maybe someone will bring it up directly to Luis.


    '... please be aware that we can't see what you got wrong. We've had thousands - literally - of reports that say things like "My answer should have been correct", and we have absolutely no idea what you entered ...'

    Since the revamp to the website, is it the case that you now see the answer when 'my answer should have been correct' is selected?

    I used that option earlier, then remembered this FAQ, and wrote a comment as well, and both were dealt with quickly by one of your excellent team. Is it safe to assume we can just use the report button?


    Yes, absolutely. What happens when you choose that option is that what you put is shown to us in the admin backend, like this:

    However, we have had thousands of reports that just literally said "My answer should have been correct", and those are the ones we want to avoid. :)

    Also, a lot of people comment in the forums that "I should have been right!" but without telling us what they actually entered. Since we can't know how - nor if - they got things wrong, that makes it impossible for us to help.


    Is it possible to redo some of the exercises? It would help me. Whenever I click on an item, it takes me to the next level. I have forgotten a lot and I need to review.


    Not officially, as far as I am aware, but there is a workaround. If you press the tips and notes button (the lightbulb icon), it'll take you to a page like this one I'm refreshing in the Welsh course:


    You can replace the "tips-and-notes" part in the address with a number, for instance:


    This example would repeat the second lesson of the science skill in the Welsh course. That skill has five lessons available, so you could replace the 2 with any number from 1 to 5.

    Please note that this will not work in the apps, only in a browser.


    Tack så mycket!


    On a side note: If anybody hasn't noticed, the ever-excellent devalanteriel is a "new" member or more correctly, has actually been a member of the Swedish team for some time now. I keep emailing Duo staff to tell them to fix that green ring, but apparently they're busy doing other stuff. Anyway, three cheers for devalanteriel or actually four, since that's how we do it in Sweden. Hipp hipp!!


    He seemed like a happy, knowledgable little penguin, so I knew he must be one of the good guys! With all the preparation relating to turtles, I must ask if there are any turtles on the team?


    I believe a NOOT is in order.

    No turtles yet, as far as I'm aware. Obviously the number-one requirement is having an avian avatar. :p


    and another requirement must be patience... Congratulations on your 1400 days !!


    Thank you! Being stubborn as all that does help. :)


    Actually three or four cheers are a regional thing. In Skåne we do three, trefaldigt leve. Of course there's usually one or two in every group who can't count and do one more.

    According to the link Wifedear found the reason to this can be found in that Skåne still is using the Danish number of lösen. http://blogg.vett-och-etikett.com/tre-eller-fyra/


    Maybe it's regional within Skåne as well? I'm fairly sure we always did four when I lived in Bromölla. :)


    Bromölla is bordering Blekinge and Blekinge was faster to become "Swedish" even though they both belonged to Denmark. That might be the reason for the difference. There was for instance no revolt in Blekinge against the Swedish rule as there was in Skåne


    Yes, that's what I was thinking.


    My friend from Bromölla actually also confirmed that you do four there :)


    Ah, cheers, I was not 100 % sure I remembered correctly. :)


    As some random person on p4 SondagsMorgan said once "allt e normal i skone," said after Morgan commented on them saying "shoo" instead of "sju"


    Hello, why don't we have oral exam too? or it's because I'm in the very beginning?


    Do you mean the speaking exercises? I think those might have to be enabled in your settings, but they do exist, as far as I know.


    everything is on on my settings...maybe will come later!


    iOS gives a more fine-grained/individual control over app permissions, so you have to set them in iOS as well as in your duo account.

    My version of iOS is older (10.x), but if yours is anything like mine, you can check:

    Settings -> (scroll way down to the bottom list, which is alphabetized by app name) -> Duolingo

    and then make sure that microphone is set to "on" there, too.

    It's conceivable that you might need to also set the setting there for notifications to true, I am not sure.

    But that Settings -> duolingo is another place to check to see if that gets it working.


    I noticed I do have them on the pc version, but I've never encountered any of them on the iOS version, even though I activated them from the settings. Do you have any idea why that might be?


    I'm sorry - no idea whatsoever.


    It's ok, it's not too much of an inconvenience. I guess I'll just buy a mic for my pc. Thanks for the response!


    This is a late answer, but for anyone else stumbling over this thread: Speaking exercises only work in Chrome browser on PC. (And you have to enable it in the options while using Chrome, the option won't even show up on other browsers)

    As for the android app I have no idea what is going on, I do have an option for speaking exercises and it's enabled, but I never got any speaking exercise.


    Oh dear, British English speakers complaining to the Swedish Team warranted 2 separate mentions above! Obviously I can't be sure but maybe not all of the reports like this you've received were totally serious :)

    Unless they've been living in an isolated cave for their whole lives most people in the UK realise that American English is the international lingua franca XD

    I think maybe people just kinda get shocked when they type something in their native language and they then get a big red message saying "You're wrong!"... you know how serious people get about DL haha

    Just my thoughts :) (we're not all bad, honest! And anyway I notice that 'trousers' is accepted as a translation of byxorna, and the same with 'elk' for älg).


    I've probably removed at least a thousand reports complaining about US English being the default, so I'm honestly doubtful there's any room for uncertainty there. And I'm biased the other way - I don't even use US English in my own writing! :)


    American English is not the international lingua franca. Internationally it’s a mishmash.


    Thank you so much.

    [deactivated user]

      Good job with the course, guys!

      I'm loving it so far, even if I'm only at Phrases.


      Many compliments for this FAQ Deva....

      In the beginning I was like "what the faq.. ! ".... but then I progressed with the reading of it and in the end it was quite impressive !

      Well DONE !


      How much practice is before we get to lvl 25? I have completed the current version, with all lessons golden but am still only at level 14 in terms of xp.


      Level 25 is 30 000 xp, if that's what you mean? You get different amounts of xp depending on what you do, but generally one lesson is 10 xp minimum as a baseline.


      Was more wondering how come I didn't autimatically get lvl 25 at finishing the swedish, as I did with the norwegian, but I suppose it makes sense since it's about half as long....


      Ah, yeah. The Norwegian course is in its fourth iteration, and it's expanded a lot on its previous versions.


      We need Swedes with language abilities to start drinking whatever it is those Norwegians are drinking in order to keep up such levels of enthusiasm and productivity!


      Here are the XP numbers required for each level: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/4920060


      If you've finished all the lessons by level 14 it means you are a very quick learner! Congratulations!
      The "levels" are a quite separate measure to the lessons - if you struggle with a language and have to repeat lessons often, you will get to a higher level before you finish the course. I got to level 25 in German only because I kept giving up and starting again, and I still haven't finished the course.


      I imagine she was helped a lot by being Norwegian. :)


      Yeah definately. And of course already living in Sweden.


      I've been testing my way out of the Swedish course and think I only failed to test out once - which didn't give me any xp.


      I have one more question, it's about flera. So often there will be a sentence like "En anka, flera ankor" and it always makes me use "several" instead of "many." It's kind of annoying, because I know what the sentence means, but I just forget to use "several."



      Doesn't that fall under

      What you entered is almost but not quite synonymous, and has a direct equivalent in Swedish.

      Several = flera, many = många


      Yes, you're absolutely right: we are not going to allow "many" as a translation of flera.


      Sorry for reporting errors as an unqualified person. BTW: "Swum" rung a bell :)


      Do you mean it "rang" a bell???


      Dom- error, Bonus - Skill - error, idag - error. I am making my mental notes.


      For some reason on firefox some of the swedish words get cut off half way through. It works fine on chrome just not firefox I think you may need to get that sorted out somehow.


      Hi all. First comment here and user of the Swedish course for a few months. I just happened to notice that the duolingo app in the Apple app store shows an image of speaking and recording into the phone Spanish phrases for playback, but I have not seen this for Swedish. Is this feature only available for certain languages?


      As far as I know, yes - but I'm not absolutely certain, so don't take just my word for it. :)


      Why are the exercises starting with ‘choose the best translation’ and translate English into Swedish questions?

      Most of the courses start the first questions in each game by familiarising you with the target language, so you’re translating INTO English, which I find much better.

      When I started the Swedish tree, I don’t think it was this way round - is this an experiment, or a new thing? I’m finding it quite difficult to work this way round, and much prefer to see the language used first (but not with the ‘choose the best translation’ question before having even come across the words involved!).


      This is actually something we are not able to affect at all as course contributors - at least not as far as I am aware. It could be that it's a new thing in Swedish, or a new thing in general, or an A/B test, or just coincidental - or something else entirely. I'm sorry that I don't have a better answer.


      You said above "take it up with Duolingo." Who wrote this FAQ if not Duolingo? I am confused!


      I am under the impression that the mods for Swedish wrote this FAQ, not duolingo.

      Duolingo software cannot run without people to input, correct, and maintain the questions.

      But also duolingo institutes policy that they must follow; and one of those is, apparently, that the default they must follow is American English.

      In practice, the duolingo software requires every question to have a "default" answer, presumably the one given when the two languages are switched, since they offer both forms of a question.

      EDIT: My intent is to support the mods (I feel that the Swedish mods, in particular, are very dedicated and hardworking, and really give thought to our questions and try to explain things well, and providing the best understanding of Swedish), NOT duo's forcing American English as the default.


      I missed this when it was written, but you are right. Contributors are/were all volunteers.


      Joel! I’m very curious: how is it that in all the languages but one that you have learned, you have 30000 EXP. thanks!


      Well, I stopped once I reached 30 000 xp, which is equivalent to the max level of 25. The reason I don't have 30k for Irish yet is that, well, I'm not done with it yet. :)


      Hello everyone! I am soon completing the Swedish tree (all lessons at the highest level). After completing it, do we receive any e-mail, notification or similar about the completion of the course? If not, is the sole possibility to see it later only the "sticker" at the end of the tree? Another thing: does anyone know any website that offers any language exam in Swedish with an official or unofficial certificate? Thanks for the answers in advance.


      Over the past week (or so now) there have been so many glitches. The most frequent is when my typos, including ones that are the wrong word are not corrected or even pointed out. I have to click on the discussion link every time I am unsure if I got the right spelling or word, which is not the best way to remember the correct spelling or word. I have also gotten a lesson with no sound, words or even an image, and only word tiles at the bottom. I end up guessing which of the sentences that can be formed from the words is right so I can move on to the next lesson. I've not been right yet. ;-) The old problem of a picture only but no words was finally fixed after I reported as many as I had time to point out. I have reported the blanks and some of the no corrections lessons, but if I reported every one of those, I wouldn't have much time for my actual lessons. On top of that, the voice has been much harder for a few weeks now. I was told it was changed but it was going to go back to the old one. I hope soon! Sigh... These annoying issues feel a bit like added "insult to injury" during life with covid so maybe I am over reacting, but it is Very frustrating. Thank you for listening (reading) Am I the only one with these problems?


      You may want to bring this up in the general troubleshooting forums, since there is virtually zero chance that someone who can actually affect anything will see your post here.

      We've reported that typos don't show for "type what you hear exercises" for a long time now, and I know that staff are aware of the issue and want to fix it. I'm afraid I don't have any status beyond that.


      I have done that too, but no reply or change yet. Not being able to see what I am typing in the type what you hear lessons in the app is another frustrating change in the past month or so too. Sigh... I have decided to blame it all on 2020... it doesn't change anything of course, but why not? ;-)


      I completely agree with you. I don't even do the "type what you hear exercises" any longer, since I can't tell if I actually answered correctly.


      Thank you for your super fast reply. It is a bit of a relief to know a 'pro' has given up on the same exercises I sometimes give up on. I finally found how to get to the actual troubleshooting pages. It took a while poking around all over to find them instead of the general forum pages. Thank you for all your help now, in the past and I look forward to reading your messages in the future. Long live the penguin! :-)



      @devalanteriel, can you please fix this lesson? Is it possible to just turn off the speaking component for this one?


      I'll ask staff what can be done about it. As far as I'm aware, I can't turn just the speaking component off for it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention - I wasn't aware of the issue with that sentence.


      Thank you for investigating!

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