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Romanian TV shows

I've been watching the Romanian version of Peppa Pig, Purcelusa Pepa, on Youtube. I'm pretty familiar with the English episodes thanks to my kids, and I managed to pick up some vocab and follow the story pretty well.

However, I'd like to watch some Romanian native TV shows to develop an ear for the language and to appreciate the culture. Any genre will do, children or adult shows. Can anyone recommend anything?

I've watched a few old films with subtitles, but think series would be better.

January 24, 2017



Here's some very popular ones:

Umbre (2014) - drama
Secretul Mariei (2005) - telenovela
Numai iubirea (2004) - telenovela
La Bloc (2002) - sitcom
Băieți buni (2005) - cop action drama
În derivă (2010) - drama
RObotzi (2011) - animated webseries
Mihaela (1968) - children's cartoon (though it is silent, so it won't help with learning the language)

Although I'm Romanian, I'm not very knowledgeable about our TV shows. For example, on the subject of cartoons, I grew up with dubbed versions of foreign ones and that's true for a lot of young people. I guess that that makes them a relevant part of our culture. I'll mention one, which was immensely popular: "Life with Louie" (1994) (translated as "Viața cu Louie"). Proof of popularity: the content of the most upvoted question on the creator's reddit AMA.


Wow, how many series to practice Romanian! Thanks for sharing this information, now I know what titles to search to practice this language =)


Thank you for taking the time to write that out.

Umbre looks very interesting! I will go with that one first I think.


Haha, Robotzi rules! :)) Nu stiu daca e o idee buna pentru cei care vor sa invete romana, but it's certainly fun.


http://streema.com/ This site streams radio and TV content from around the world. There are a few Romanian stations available.


That is a cool site. Just wish it wasn't limited to mobile devices. Thanks for sharing Mortimer!


I've been watching BabyRiki, a children's show, on YT. It's helpful for beginners like myself. Here's a link: youtu.be/hs-Y5H0IgHA


Has anyone been successful in finding a good channel on youtube that has romanian shows with english subtitles?

I am having trouble finding any!



There are short movies here and you have audio in romanian, but you have english subtitles, maybe this will help someone. ( they are still uploading movies , go to that youtube channel) :)

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