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Translation style guidelines?

Not being trained in translating, I tend to use contractions, since writing out "can not" and the like word for word is atypical of English writing, but notice when picking "best translation", many others haven't.

Since this is how we "pay" for our learning, and vice-versa, how they pay us for our work, I'd like to provide the optimal result and be worth what I earn.

But surprisingly, I don't see a style guide (and searching discussions didn't produce anything helpful). But I'm new around here, so might've completely missed something obvious?

February 20, 2013



One of the most difficult things in translating is getting the style and tone of the original right. I see some pages where these items vary from sentence to sentence.


I don't take our translations seriously. I am a professional translator and I know what it takes to get a really good translation. And this is certainly not a crowd of people who are learning languages. Some of us are not even native English speakers (I am not). What style are you talking about if we often don't even get the meaning of the sentence right?

What we get here is amateur translations that can help people understand an article but not deliver final quality. These translations are not of much help to professional translators. The most difficult part of professional translation is to write it neatly in the target language. Understanding the meaning is usually not a problem. I am a translator from English into Russian. If someone suggests me to proofread and edit translations made by those who are just beginning to learn English, I'd say no thank you, either you pay me for a full translation task or go find someone else.

P.S. I'm not saying style or quality is not important. It's just not the issue of highest priority here.

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