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Lesson 2 of POS

The lesson 2 of the POS skill totally misses the intended point. It aims (as described in the Tips and Notes) to teach the Nominative, Genitive, and Accusative forms in Greek speech, the ο, η, το and the του, της, του, etc. However, the lesson actually teaches words such as "Adjective" and "Adverb" etc. These words have nothing to do with the lesson and aren't needed for beginners (theyre hard to memorize especially at a beginner level).

January 25, 2017

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We have had a lot of negative comments on this skill. Some people feel it is not needed. . From what I see both lessons contain little more than a list of the names of the parts of speech. By the Duo system, this would be much more beneficial to the learner if it contained sentences reflecting these ideas while adding to the learners' store of Greek sentences. We are working on these improvements which will be reflected in the new tree. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we await any other input you have.

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