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  5. "Tôi mua một tờ báo để đọc."

"Tôi mua một tờ báo để đọc."

Translation:I buy a newspaper in order to read.

January 25, 2017



In English one would say 'to read,' not 'in order to read.'


Order /'ɔ:də[r]/

@ (n) mệnh lệnh, thứ tự, ngăn nắp, trật tự, phiếu uỷ nhiệm, đơn hàng, thủ tục, huân chương.
• in order : đúng thủ tục. • in order to # in order that : mục đích để ... (I buy a newspaper in order to read.) • in order to do (sth) : có thể làm việc gì theo quy định. • by order of (sb) :theo lệnh của ai. • in the order of (sth) : vào khoảng. • on order : đã đặt rồi nhưng chưa giao (hàng). • out of order : xộc xệch, hỏng hóc. [make] to order : [làm theo] yêu cầu riêng của một khách hàng. • under the orders of (sb) : theo lệnh (dưới sự chỉ đạo) của ai.

@ (v) gọi món, ra lệnh, đặt mua, sắp xếp. • Order (sb) off : ra khỏi vị trí do sai luật. • Order (sb) out : xuất quân.


I buy a newspaper for reading?


I want to know this aswell


Did you try it and got puzzled? If yes, may I suggest you report it... one day it will be uploaded I guess.


I tried myself and got buzzed. I reported it.


Should also allow "I buy a newspaper in order to read it"


Yes, it sounds more natural, but I was killed for using it at the end... (nó is missing tho)


I buy a paper to read. No?


Also voting here for "I buy a newspaper for reading". Like "I buy cigarettes for smoking", it seems correct to me. I suggest flagging this as "My answer should be accepted" besides leaving your comment here.


I buy a newspaper for reading is correct. My vietnamese wife confirms this.


I think they should let there be a past tense answer.


Past tense would require the past tense marker, "Tôi đã mua một tờ báo để đọc."


Why I buy a newspaper for reading is wrong?


Why not "I buy a newspaper for reading" Picture an airport. You want something to read. What kind of reading material do you buy?

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