"The election of the President."

Translation:Η εκλογή του Προέδρου.

January 25, 2017

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is της a possibility? or should it only ever be του? in the multiple choice it said i had to pick both answers


Yes, it is both ο πρόεδρος and η πρόεδρος. Nouns of this type with one ending for both genders are usually professions: see here under paragraph B.4 Oυσιαστικά κοινού γένους.


No wonder I am having trouble remembering where to put the accent. It seems to move around depending on the case of the noun. I distinctly remember the last question using this word that it was Πρόεδρος. And here it is Προέδρου. Is there an easy way to figure out where the accent should go? Right now it seems pretty random to me.

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