Singles Day (Part 2)

........As well as being a time to party, Singles Day has also become the world's biggest online shopping day. The number of sales on that one day outnumber the sales for the whole Thanksgiving period in the US which includes Balck Friday. The giant online retail company, Alibaba saw the huge potential of this day, and in 2009 they began using it to promote a massive online shopping sale. It was a huge success, and in its first year Chinese consumers spent 50m yuan (7.8m US dollars.) By 2011, Alibaba sales had risen to 500m yuan. Despite a slowdown in the economy, sales continue to rise year by year.Ali Baba went on to trademark Singles Day in 2012 meaning that, although other retailers can compete by offering sales on consumer goods, they are at the disadvantage of not being able to use the term Singles Day in their marketing campaigns. Ali Baba's gross sales for Singles Day rose from $0,01 billion in 2009 to $13,70 billion in 2015. It made an incredible $1 billion in the first 8 minutes of sales in 2015. Commodities linked to the celebration of being single, such as towels and teddy bears emblazoned with the phrase "Happy to be single" and "I make my own choices," only represent a small fraction of the products sold on that day. Singles Day, therefore, is no longer the sole domain of the unattached. Rather, it is just another excuse to spend. It is so well marketed that many consumers plan their buying sprees weeks in advance, and log on during the last few minutes countdown to the sales. They then complete their online transactions before the day has even started to warm up in order to avoid the risk of products being sold out before they can place their orders. Singles Day has to be one of the most successful and audacious marketing strategies in the history of consumerism.

Arkdaşlar metin bu kadardı. Hata varmı diye kontrol ettim ama hatam hala varsa kusura bakmayın. Diğer metinlerde görüşmek üzere ;) Not: Metin C1 seviyedindedir.

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