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"Αυτός διαβάζει την παρτιτούρα."

Translation:He reads the sheet music.

January 25, 2017



2017/01/25 "musical score" is considered wrong while it is proposed as a hint


"he reads the score" is considered wrong while the solutions propose "he reads the sheet music"


I just got this same question 3 times in a row.

Edit: I got it 4 times in a row, answering it right all 4 times, before it moved on. This was in a new lesson, not review.


"he reads sheet music" was marked wrong. Is the article really so necessary in English?


I suppose the definite article would be omitted in Greek as well in that case.


A partitura is a musical score ie a written representation of a composition (an orchestra would play from a musical score) The score is written on sheet music which is a more general term which means roughly the same thing.


A lot of languages, including Greek, borrow musical and opera terms from Italian, as is the case with partitura.


I don't know all these music terms, but I cannot imagine how you can write on sheet music. To my mind it has to be music sheet!

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