"Two female students"

Translation:Дві студентки

January 25, 2017

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What is the difference between два and дві?


Два is used for masculine and neuter nouns, дві is used with feminine nouns. Compare:

одна тарілка - one plate - тарілка is feminine

одне дерево - one tree - дерево is neuter

один стіл - one table - стіл is masculine

Now, let's use these nouns with два/дві:

дві тарілки - two plates

два дерева - two trees

два столи - two tables

the other numbers don't have this distinction, so the numbers are the same for три, чотири, etc. for all genders.

три тарілки - three plates

три дерева - three trees

три столи - three tables

Also, when you say something like twenty-one, thirty-two (basically, any number that ends in one and two) you should follow the same pattern as for one and two

двадцять одна тарілка - 21 plates

двадцять одне дерево - 21 trees

двадцять один стіл - 21 tables


Oh yes that makes sense thank you

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