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  5. "Put the bowl on the bed."

"Put the bowl on the bed."

Translation:Βάλε το μπολ επάνω στο κρεβάτι.

January 25, 2017



Is there a difference between "επάνω" and "πανω"?


is έπανω the emphatic form of πάνω?

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It's actually the non-syncoped form of it ;)


How does βάζω become βάλε. Where is the lambda coming from? Is it an irregular verb or a part of regular but complex rule?


Not actually. It is a strange case. The stem βαζ- comes from the Ancient verb βιβάζω, medieval βάζω, I ascend, according wiktionary. The stem βαλ- comes from the Ancient stem βαλ- ,as the verb βάλλω, I throw, I shoot. So as one can conclude that these two stems are integrated in the modern verb. Maybe it is so. There is the form βάνω in a more vulgar and poetic form, so as it is difficult to say which is the itinerary of this βάζω. It is certain that this βα- is the same root with the Latin bastare, a Indo-European root.

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It's an irregular verb. See here for a view of its conjugation. http://cooljugator.com/gr/list/all

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