"Deși suntem bogați, noi muncim foarte mult."

Translation:Although we are rich, we work very much.

January 25, 2017

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Rebi I think from an English point of view your suggestion works. However, I don't think "we work very much" does sound "English" - the natural translation in context would be "we work very hard."


I agree from another English point of view I would never say i work very much, perhaps i work a lot but if that is what i mean i would say i work very hard - which DL still doesn't accept.


I disagree, "we work a lot" (as the sentence says) does not imply that we work "hard." We could be spending a lot of time not working very hard. "We work hard" accurately translates into Romanian as "Noi muncim din greu".


"lucrăm" vs. "muncim" -- are they the same?


Could 'even though' be accepted instead of 'although'? They have the same meaning/use...


It generally is in this skill.


"... We work a great deal". Why so? Because, rather than working hard, it means that they work a lot × 2, or a lot and then some, well by my reckoning anyway, so this would describe doing a larger amount of work than "a lot". On the other hand, maybe I am mistaken, and the latter covers all amounts of work greater than "some".


"work a lot" accepted


.........................we work very HARD. Is better English but it's not even accepted as correct!!!

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