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Another Golden Owl for me!

As some of you may know, I have finished the following trees on Duolingo:

Spanish For English

English For Spanish

French For English

English For French

Italian For English

English For Italian

Portuguese For English

English For Portuguese

Esperanto For English

And now I have one more tree to add to my forest (drumroll please).......

GREEK FOR ENGLISH! Now I officially have 10 trees!

I'm so excited, I know a lot of Greek speakers so I'm sure this tree will be put to good use! Thanks Duolingo!

January 25, 2017



One more Greek speaker here! I'll be glad to help you practice! I'd say you 're kinda a Duolingo overachiever, congratulations for your persistence!


Ooh great job !! really exciting. I'm soon getting my 17th from Catalan. So many languages, so little time in life :D


Thanks! Can't wait to hear when you get your Catalan tree!


Congrats! Hope you have a great rest of your adventures with duolingo! Nowhere near getting my first done! Haha.


Thanks! You'll get there soon, most people finish the tree around Level 10.


Congratulations! I'd love to hear your thoughts on reversing the trees that way- doing it from one language and then from the other.


You really pick up more than you do from the original tree as the interface changes from your native language (in my case English) to your target language (Spanish, French, etc.) I'm currently contemplating when I want to start the Greek reverse tree!

Thanks for the congrats!


Συγχαρητήρια! Excellent work! Is that the first time you studied a language with a non-Latin alphabet?


Thanks! Not really, I also know ASL (American Sign Language) too.



How did the experience compare to the Romance languages? I have gone through a couple of Romance trees pretty fast but have had to go much slower in Greek since I've found it hard to retain vocab, even just as far as recognition.


Thanks! It's not bad, but I wouldn't recommend studying it the same time as Hungarian. I actually had to switch to learning German (a tree which I started long before Greek came out, as well as Hungarian) because they're so dramatically different, making it easier to retain the vocab.

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