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how do i reinstall Duolingo mobile version

I run Duolingo on 3 devices, android tablet Duo mobile, PC laptop Duo win 10 pc version, Hybrid tablet-pc win 10 mobile version. Two days ago my Hybrid tablet switched from the mobile version to the pc version . This may be coincident, it was the same day I completed my golden tree. I have since reinstalled Duo, even when setting win 10 to boot in the tablet mode, installs PC version only. Any help greatly appreciated.

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You do not need to install Duolingo for the mobile or PC mode.
Just go in your browser to www.duolingo.com and sign in with the same username and password as in the App.
Your browser defines wether you run Duolingo in mobile or in PC mode.
I do not know anything about the IE browser. But you can always install the Firefox browser. Firefox will automaticly use the mobile mode when your Hybride tablet certainly is the the mobile mode.

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