"I talk with your hamster."

Translation:Eu vorbesc cu hamsterul tău.

January 25, 2017

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please stop, you're making him uncomfortable.


I thought the "ul" suffix is definitive "the". Why does it apply here?


Possessive is always considered definite in Romanian - you defined it by telling the possessor.


Many languages consider a possessed item to be definite. That “definiteness” must ..with some exceptions.. be reflected by using the definite article the. Italian, Catalan and Romanian do this. French Spanish and Portuguese do not even though they are all Romance languages. Languages as unrelated as Hebrew and Norwegian also do this. It looks different in Romanian because the definite article is tacked onto the noun (In a definitely non-Romance way) and the possessive word follows (hamster the my instead of my hamster or even the my hamster as it would be in Italian

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