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  5. "Αυτός είναι ο κήπος μου."

"Αυτός είναι ο κήπος μου."

Translation:This is my garden.

January 25, 2017



Great! They corrected it! ... though ... they did not send me a message about it ! ;-+


Yes, Anas276, αυτός (aftós) = he (personal pronoun) ; and, asaflbvc, αυτός (aftós) = this (demonstrative pronoun)


I guess, there is an error in the first sentence of "Correct solution" : "That has my garden" . The verbs "to have" and "to be" are different ones, aren't they?

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There is no such translation in the incubator! Where did you encouter it?


Αυτός, because κήπος is masculine. Threw me off with that one. I read αυτός as "he", and got a wrong answer with "He is in my garden".


Even if the pronoun wasn't there, this sentence would still translate to "It is my garden", since garden in English is an it. "He is my garden" would sound at least awkward.

And as you will notice (if you haven't already), there are many words in Greek which are either masculine or feminine, that are actually neuter in English.

I'm afraid that English native speakers (or really, any kind of speaker that'd learning a foreign language) sometimes have to be rational and take the rules of their own language into account as well. ^.^


Could someone please explain why in some sentences it is "κήπο" and in others "κήπος". I'm totally confused.


Please type "αιτιατική" into the search bar in the Greek Discussions main menu, this is not a level 19 question.

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