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  5. "Πιες το γάλα."

"Πιες το γάλα."

Translation:Drink the milk.

January 26, 2017



"Πιες" has no accent yet it is pronounced like two syllables.


Not quite - "pyes". Like ποιο, για, and such.


I just had an idea... I think that for each sentence it would be useful to have a little explanation of the used verb, person, case... and so on, maybe as "automatic first message" here in the comments. I think that would be grate above all in these "harder" verbs lessons, as honestly I am getting very puzzled in these very last lessons...! :"P


As πιες is presumably based on πινω, why is the 'ν' dropped from the (presumed) stem?


isn't the word γαλα a feminine gender word. In this case why it is with the article το


No, γάλα is neuter. So, το γάλα is correct.

Not all nouns ending in -α are feminine. Keep that in mind. ^.^


It is feminine in Spanish, la leche, but neutral in Greek. In some languages it's masculine.

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