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  5. "Εγώ έχω τη δύναμη."

"Εγώ έχω τη δύναμη."

Translation:I have the power.

January 26, 2017



With all the song and film references that are present in the Duolingo courses, I thought for sure that "I've got the power" would be accepted... it should be added as a translation, just sayin'


Hahahahah okay, it's been added. Thank you xD ^.^


Thank YOU for obliging my silliness...I am not as far in the Greek course as I am in the others, but I guess I have grown accustomed to the wit of the creators and their music references- in the Norwegian course for example I have seen the sentences "Hvem slipper ut hundene?" (Who let the dogs out?), "Hun arbeider hardt for pengene." (She works hard for the money), "Vær vår gjest" (Be our guest), and "For første gang på lenge" ("For the first time in forever"), among others...


Well, since it's a perfectly fine translation and an entertaining one (I personally laughed at it), I don't se why it shouldn't be added. So don't worry, this kind of "silliness" is something we count on here on Duolingo. It makes the course much more fun. xD


There's one in here on the Greek tree--maybe you've come across it by now--that says "What does the fox say?" Lol


"I have strength" was marked wrong - surely this would mean strength/power in general, and therefore not need the article?


derivation of dynamite?


Other way around - dynamite comes from Δύναμη. It's a helpful cognate, though.


Is δύναμη strenght? As in, "I am strong"


Yes. Δύναμη can mean either power (unless it is used with its authority meaning), strength or force.


Ability=ικανότητα, δυνατότητα

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