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"Do you know how to communicate?"

Translation:Bạn có biết giao tiếp không?

January 26, 2017



should the answer include anything with regards to the "how"?


I have a problem with this sentence. First I had a wrong word for 'how', which was corrected to 'chứ'. The second time I used 'chứ' and this was now corrected to 'cách'. However in the translation above there is no word for 'how' whatsoever.


The literal translation would be "do you know to communicate"?

I think this is not correct in English, but for example in Spanish it follows the same logic: "sabes nadar?", literally "you know to swim?", instead of "sabes cómo nadar?", literally "you know how to swim?", that really would have a different meaning.

It seems in Vietnamese, like in Spanish, you ask "bạn biết [verb] không?", without a "how" word.


...where is the 'làm sao/thế nào'?


Please, see my answer above.


Thank you! It makes sense now (I was waiting for this so long though) xD


Bạn có biết làm thế nào giao tiếp không? -- why is that wrong?


I put down

Bạn có biết giao tiếp như thế nào không?

And why is this wrong?


I think the English translation cannot litterally translate the vietnamese one, which is bạn có biết giao tiếp không? In English, do you know to communicate doesn't really make sense (ergo you add how to). But in vietnamese it makes perfectly sense without, because biết làm gì means to know how to do something and như thế nào is not only not required, but also redundant.


This is similar with Chinese. 你會溝通嗎?


Vietnamese is similar to Chinese in many ways

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