Let's talk?

I really want to know new friends and improve my English =) so, let's talk?

January 26, 2017

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Hello Camila, Usually we start with "how are you?" But... do you prefer Ets or zombies? lol

hahahaha well, I think ET's are very interesting... What abou you? haha

Yes, I really like Et's too ... "The X-Files" is much better than "TWD" TV show hahahaha

to fight aganst me i prefer the zombie ... they are slow kkk

We have a better chance of surviving longer ... or is it "suffering"? Haha

It really is better that be being dissected

Hello people !!!! How are you doing guys ??

Camila, I really like to be your friend! I would like to improve my english to! I hope we can be good friends

Hello guys! I want and need improve my english too... so, let's talk? Which are your plans to weekend?

my plan is sleep as much i can, but it will not be in this time

much work to me , and you? where are you from? i m from Rio

I am from Santa Catarina

Hi junior_sts, I live in Rio too. But I'm from Uberlândia. I didn't do many things, just watched a lot of movies and series.

Did you say talk?.. then, check it out: this website is perfect to pract you speaking skills.. see you all there!

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