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studying Greek

Hi, I just want to say that the Greek course is really great! It would be nice if there is an option to choose the letters with accents, the way it is with the French and German course, for example.

January 26, 2017



For other languages that use the latin script the accented letters are present because they can be written with an english keyboard, but the english keyboard misses the accents. That is so in order to save the user from downloading a French keyboard for example, which is identical to the english one except for the accents and the ç. But in order to write Greek, you need to download a complete different keyboard, that contains the accents (it's the ";" key and then the letter you want to accent). Either way, we are looking for a way to integrate the ability to write greek with a virtual keyboard, without the need to download it.


Thank you very much! Yes, I have downloaded the Greek keyboard!


To write an accented letter first press the ";" key and then the letter ;)


thank you again, I got it


hi I am greek. I can help you if you want

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