"Our fans are the best."

Translation:Οι οπαδοί μας είναι οι καλύτεροι.

January 26, 2017

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When is "φιλαθλος" used instead of "οπαθοι" ? An explanation would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


I agree with you Alison336345


Οι φίλαθλοί μας είναι οι καλύτεροι;


Can't I say κοριφή here?


"Οι φίλαθλοί μας είναι κορυφή" exists for the Greeks but it is not the translation of the given frase in this exersise


Actually, we were given "αυτός είναι κορυφή" as a correct rendering of "he's the best," elsewhere in this exercise.... I really wish one of the moderators would comment on this.


Would it be possible to say here οι φίλαθλοί μας είναι κορυφές? In a past lesson we learned that also means "the best".


hj, I had the impression that the plural, κορυφές, just meant literally "the peaks/summits," while "κορυφή" does double-duty to mean literally 1) the summit and idiomatically 2) the best. But would a moderator please give us some guidance on whether κορυφή can be used with reference to a plural, as in this case?


It's what you said, "κορυφή" is sort of a "collective adjective".


Meaning that it works in this example? 'Cause "οι οπαδοί μας είναι κορυφή" just was red-screened....


In English we have "good, better, best" and I had understood that the Greek equivalent is "καλός, καλύτερος, καλύτατος" in the singular, though in this example in the plural. So why does Duolingo tell me that "best" is translated as "καλύτερος" (or, in this example, as "καλύτεροι" as it is plural)? Is καλύτατοι wrong, a no longer existant word, or why, otherwise, is it wrong? And if καλύτερος now means "best", how do we say "better"? Do we always have to say "πιο καλός"?


Relative Superlative in greek is formed with the definite article + comparative. Καλός, καλύτερος/πιο καλός, ο καλύτερος/ο πιο καλός. Καλύτατος was never a word and is wrong. Absolute superlative is truly formed with -τατος but καλός is irregular: its absolute superlative is κάλλιστος or άριστος.


I would like to know how to recognize when to use "οι" instead of "η". The two are pronounced the same, but when I entered "οι οπαδοί μας είναι η καλύτεροι" Duo marked it wrong. Could this be accepted as a spelling error?


Something very strange happened. I was selecting the greek tiles and picked Οι φίλαθλος μας είναι οι καλύτεροι but was told i had a typo


Yes, how can you have a typo without typing? Actually, the sentence should have been rejected. Because you were going for a plural subject...

"Οι φίλαθλοί μας είναι οι καλύτεροι."

But you used the plural for "the" "Οι" but singular φίλαθλός.

The program that grades the exercises assumed you meant "Ο φίλαθλος" so just gave you a "typo". Even that shouldn't have happened since a "typo" that results in an actual word....for example, if you want to write

"boy" but typed

"biy" that would be a typo...there is no such word as "biy" but if you typed

"buy" that would be an error since "buy" is a real word.

In Greek, both Ο and Οι are actual words as are "φίλαθλος" and "φίλαθλοι"

It's a computer glitch which will be reported.

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