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  5. "Θέλω τη λίστα τώρα."

"Θέλω τη λίστα τώρα."

Translation:I want the list now.

January 26, 2017



I know that for words starting with a certain letter with a labiodental sound after την, the "ν" drops, but, isn't it optional?

For instance, I googled both "θέλω την λίστα" and "θέλω τη λίστα" and the first one got more results


According to the spelling taught in schools today, the final nu gets dropped before β, δ, γ, φ, θ, χ, μ, ν, λ, ρ, σ, ζ (except in the combinations μπ ντ γκ): http://ebooks.edu.gr/modules/ebook/show.php/DSDIM-F102/580/3784,16613/

But the rules for this have changed a bit over the years, so I'm not sure whether την λίστα is completely wrong or just old-fashioned.


Strange, I'd like to know that as well

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