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Translating real life sentences after mastering

hi, I have been doing some italian lessons lately, and due to me knowing some italian already I have mastered some lessons with the "test out this skill" option. However, now that I feel like I am getting some knowledge in these mastered lessons it would be nice to now be able to take the translation lessons. Is this possible? (they stand as completed now, and when I click them nothing happens) And if this is not possible, perhaps it would be a good idea to allow us to do so? (I'm thinking it's probably nice to have some people who are good at a subject be able to do real life translations of said subjects)

February 20, 2013



That is an excellent idea.


You can translate as many sentences as you like if you click on the "Translations" button next to "Home". It's actually a lot nicer than the translation exercises as part of the lessons because you can pick a topic and text that interest you and translate as many sentences as you want.


I've been doing this quite a bit lately thinking it doesn't matter where you start from, but I keep having those prompts for translation on the lessons' pages... I don't understand how it works really. Should I translate the exact sentences suggested there to ever be able to progress to the rest of the available lessons in each part...?

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