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"Yesterday the child did not go to school."

Translation:Hôm qua đứa trẻ đã không đi học.

January 26, 2017



"Vào ngay hôm qua'...is being rejected, and I am pretty sure that should be accepted. Also rejects 'vào hôm qua'.

Yet IN ANOTHER SENTENCE IN THIS VERY MODULE BOTH ARE BEING ENFORCED AND THIS VERY SAME CONSTRUCTION REQUIRED BY THIS SENTENCE IS MARKED WRONG. Can we get this so that both are accepted in both sentences, please? We shouldn't have to memorize what is the only friggin' answer the stupid course takes per each sentence.


One year later, still zapping 'vào hôm qua'.


is it possible to use đã in a negativ sentence ??? I read that not...


... đi học, hay đi trường, cũng được pk?

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