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Resources to Learn Hindi?

The Duolingo Hindi for English Speakers course doesn't appear to be ready, and I have no idea when it will be.

However, I want to start seriously learning Hindi, and so: does anyone know of other good, free resources in the meantime?

Thanks very much!

January 26, 2017



Or you can try the beginner course prepared by me at memrise.com. The course aims first to teach Hindi script through a transliteration /transcription method. Here is an introductory post about this course. And here is the direct link: Learn Devanāgarī through ITrans (Indic Transliteration)


I started it - it's excellent. Extremely helpful and well designed for a native English speaker who is unfamiliar with all aspects of the Hindi / Devanagari script. The use (and therefore teaching of) iTrans is extremely helpful as well. Thanks very much! PS- Easily helpful enough to warrant 2 lingots for that single resource - thanks again.


My pleasure :) I'm joyous that you liked the course. Please feel free to tell me if you face any problem or have any question that comes to you during your progress in the course. I would also be happy to hear some constructive feedback from you. So, Happy learning, Sandlin :)



I found no online resources that were as helpful as having an actual class. So far.

Pimsleur is one that I find a lot in local libraries, so the price is right.

Mango languages has it.

Hindi in Three Minutes

Rosetta Stone - if you are prepared to lay out some serious cash

Learning Hindi


For the script, try Memrise--It's very effective!


Thanks - I appreciate that!


I haven't, but it looks like they have some good online resources. I'll check it out - thanks.


Also, Mondly Languages https://www.mondlylanguages.com provides a pretty good course for Hindi. You can use that to start studying if you are confused where to start from.

Also, here's a grammar guide, use it as a companion to your studies: http://www.nyu.edu/gsas/dept/mideast/hindi/grammar.html


Thanks very much. I use Mondly currently, but the free version is quite limited (one lesson per day). It is good for some basic vocabulary, and getting a sense for basic grammar, though.


Thanks - I downloaded the PDF. Only issue, based on initial skimming, is that it seems to presuppose ability to read Hindi, which I'm just beginning to develop. All resources are appreciated, though - especially while waiting for Duolingo to finalize its Hindi for English speakers course.


Yes, of course, I understand that it is not for beginners but I will be uploading more basic lessons. Maybe the letters and their pronunciation. I think that would be nice. Thanks for your suggestion.

  1. http://www.hindiverbs.com/
  2. You could buy "Teach Yourself Hindi" or any other book by Rupert Snell (he's the one in charge of Hindi Urdu Flagship).
  3. For the alphabet I recommend http://www.avashy.com/hindiscripttutor.htm
  4. You can search for a language exchange partner on www.mylanguageexchange.com


Very helpful - thanks!


My pleasure :-)


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