January 26, 2017

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I can see the scene, where one is starving and they put a few delicious cakes in front of him, while they have him bound, and they won't let him have any until he confesses :-)


un tort - a cake (n sg indef)

tortul - the cake (n sg def)

torturi - cakes (n pl indef)

torturile - the cakes (n pl def)

prăjitură (de obicei de formă cilindrică) făcută din mai multe straturi de aluat, având între ele straturi de cremă, de dulceață etc., acoperită cu o glazură sau cremă ornamentală etc.

A cake (usually of cylindrical form) made from several layers of dough, having layers of cream, jam, etc., covered with an ornamental glaze or cream, etc.


Mmmm...i love cake

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