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When will the Hindi for English speakers course be up?

Does anyone know when they will actually make progress on this or how to be a contributor to this? It only has 2 people. Very frustrating it said it would be ready today and it's not. I was really excited to learn.

January 26, 2017



I honestly have no idea. Although i am somewhat fluent in Hindi, i was eager to try it the Duolingo way. I talked to some of the people making it and 3 out of 4 have been inactive for some time now. I mean you do have to consider the fact that these people have lives to attend to but they should at least change the date


It actually has four contributors. And the dates can often be wrong, unless the course is within about two percent of completion. Most of the time, courses that are far out have an "indefinite" date on the date of release, but perhaps this course just did not employ that technique of dealing with things. =) Perhaps look on Memrise for a way to start Hindi early! =D


Thank you! I was looking at another page and it said 28% and 2 contributors. I'll definately check out Memrise. Really wish I could learn on here, I enjoy the platform.


It is quite a nice platform. I have a tad bit of Memrise experience though, and also enjoy their format. Best of luck to you in your current and future endeavors! =)


The course pages aren't updated often. https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/hi/en/status is more up-to-date, and it shows only two contributors are left.


Now there's only one...


I have a friend on Duolingo who speaks Hindi(he's not contributing for the course, though). He is Aryamaan008 and you can ask him for any details


It's been a month since the last update and the beta due was several days ago, in the meanwhile I'll have to take my Hindi somewhere else. :(


I can't wait for this course to be up and running! Sadly the dates keep on getting moved back! Had my first Hindi face to face lesson last week and hoping once the course is up and running it can help me along too. Love the Hindi language

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