"Bố mẹ của tôi nói tiếng Anh."

Translation:My parents speak English.

January 27, 2017



What is the difference between using "bố mẹ" and "ba mẹ"? Would it be possible to substitute in this sentence, "Ba mẹ của tôi nói tiếng Anh"?

January 27, 2017


Here is some ways to call "father/mother":

  • North: Bố/mẹ, thầy/u (thầy/u is very old)

  • South: Cha/mẹ, Ba/má, Ba/mẹ, Tía/má (Tía/má rarely use or at least I rarely hear)

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March 18, 2017


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August 20, 2017


You mean " Oh my god or Oh My gosh " ?

August 24, 2017


no, i think they are Slovenia alah Zizek

January 13, 2018


You should report that as an accepted answer. I've heard ba mẹ, ba má, bố mẹ, and cha mẹ. They all mean parents. I think there's even more! It just depends on which region your dialect is from. My family uses ba mẹ =)

March 17, 2017
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