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  5. "I do not eat meat."

"I do not eat meat."

Translation:Я не їм м'ясо.

January 27, 2017



Я м'яса не їм! That order should be accepted and it should be м'яса (not м'ясо) because it's a negative sentence.


When should you use "їм" and "їсте"?


Їм is only used when talking about yourself. "Я їм"


I cannot get a Ukrainian keyboard.


Go on Google and search for Ukrainian keyboard. One of the search results should be Lexilogos. Click on that and there should be a Ukrainian option.


Can we omit the pronoun (Я) in Ukrainian? Не їм м'ясо.


In most cases (including this one) one can omit pronouns as they can be derived from the verb ending: "їм" can be used only with "я".

However, sometimes it can lead to misunderstanding: "Їсть м'ясо" can mean both "She is eating meat" and "He is eating meat".

Therefore, I would use the pronoun only in cases when omitting it leads to non unique meaning.


So you're saying we can omit it for first person lol I'll report it


In casual conversation, you can omit the pronoun. But it's not grammatically correct, so don't do it on Duo. We do the same thing in English. (Ex: Not going into work today. People will know you mean that it's you who isn't doing that action.) Also, it won't lead to confusion like the user above indicated because it's "я їм" and "вона/він/воно їсть" -- different conjugations. So that isn't the reasons to use the pronoun.

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