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  5. "The girls eat the cakes."

"The girls eat the cakes."

Translation:Le ragazze mangiano le torte.

February 20, 2013



when do you use "I" vs. "Le"


I is masculine. Le is feminine


il ragazzo = the boy - i ragazzi = the boys
la ragazza = the girl - le ragazze = the girls

You may want to read up on the various forms of the Italian definite article at e.g. ThoughCo


Why mangiano, and not mangiamo. Girls are a we, as a group of them. I keep getting this wrong.


No, it's they, not we: The girls eat the cakes = They eat the cakes.


What is the difference between "bambine" and "ragazze"?


Bambine is little girls, babies. Ragazze are girls in general but usually the word for older girls


Why can you say "Mangio panini" and not "le ragazze mangiano torte"? In which case the article can be left out?


Don't know about the 'panini' but but in this case we are asked to translate 'the cakes' = le torte.


What is the difference between "la" and "le"?


"La" is singular feminine, "le" is plural feminine.


Same question- how do you know which to use (La or le) on a generic word neither masculine or feminine?


All nouns are either masculine or feminine: una torta - a cake (feminine), un panino - a sandwich (masculine). You just have to learn the gender as you learn the word.

There are many different words for 'the' depending on the gender, number and beginning letter of the following word.

Masculine singular - il

Masculine singular which begins with a z, s+consonant, ps, x, gn - lo

Masculine singular when starting with a vowel - l'

Feminine singular - la

Masculine plural - i

Masculine plural where the singular would have taken lo or l' - gli

Feminine plural - le

As girls (ragazze) and cakes (torte) are both feminine plural, we use 'le' for both of them.


I have the correct answer and it was marked wrong. What do I do to get my score changed?

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