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Need for exercises using last session

There's a need for exercises to strengthen not just "words you have learned" (which turned out to include words I knew but certainly hadn't learned from any Duolingo session I'd done when I tried it), but "words from the last session you did". Having just completed a session using words like "riarann", "tairgtear" and something like "seachadatar" - words I've never come across, and which perhaps are part of the newer Irish coming from the Gaelscoileanna (?) - it would have been nice to be able to strengthen these, and the new spellings for words I know. But there seems to be no way to repeat a lesson, or to choose a lesson with the same words?

1 year ago

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And they tend not to be repeated in later lessons so they are soon forgotten and by the time you do get them again....you are starting over. I believe there are just way too many words introduced in each lesson. They don't get repeated enough because there are too many of them.

1 year ago