"Volanul e al tău!"

Translation:The steering wheel is yours!

January 27, 2017

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sentences like this are impractical, and are hardly or never used in real life which makes them unnatural to learn or translate. there must be other, more natural sentences that can be used to introduce new words


Ever heard "the wheel is yours"? I feel like that's what this is probably saying.

That said, this is a common complaint in Duolingo for years, and there are some crazy sentences, but sometimes they are fun and regardless they still serve the purpose of giving something to work with.

There are a lot of different approaches to learning a language, with various pros and cons. Personally, I find Duolingo's approach effective and being a free service I don't expect perfection.


What I'd (BrE) say here is "You have the wheel". Refused.


This reminds me of the scene in The Big Lebowski where Walter says, "Your wheel, Dude!" :-D


"It is your steering wheel" is the natural way of saying it. Should be accepted

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