"To take the big book"

Translation:A lua cartea cea mare

January 27, 2017

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Why is "cea" needed in this phrase?


It is preferred to use it as it puts the emphasis on a specific object ("cartea cea mare” = the book that is big - if you have several books in your sight). ”Cartea mare” is accepted in speech but it would not put any emphasis


Is there a difference between mare and larga?


Yes, ”mare” is used for volumes and surfaces while ”larg / largă” is used for widths - o piatră mare / o bucată mare de tort / marea cea mare (:-)) / Asia este un continent mare; - o vale largă / o stradă largă / un canal larg

They can also be used with abstract objects, in this case ”larg” would be closer to ”broad” - o dragoste mare / o problemă mare / un cuvânt mare / - o audiență largă / o largă susținere


Thank you for the usefull tips!


I left out the 'cea' (because I didn't know about crbratu's point above), and it was accepted. July 2021


It shall be accepted also: "A lua marea carte".

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