"Noi vrem ca voi să tăceți!"

Translation:We want you to be silent!

January 27, 2017

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What's the role of ca here?


I believe it's "we want that you keep silent". It's similar in French with "nous voulons que vous vous taisiez"


I can't type it on my smartphone, but don't we need the ca with diacritice on the a for it to mean "that"?


No, "ca" is correct, ("că" is wrong).


I'm pretty sure that să plays that role.


It is requested once you use "voi". So you can say "vreau să plecați" but "vreau ca voi să plecați"


So it should be "că", not "ca"?


autocorrect error... I edited now. Should be "ca"


is there a difference in meaning?


:-) unfortunately I am not a linguist ;-) This usage is part of the construction ”ca să” which could be translated as ”so that”:

”Pentru ca să nu mai poată avea nimeni acces la arhivă...” = ”So that nobody has access to the archive...” ”el a plătit un avion ca să ajungă în Turcia” = ”He paid for a plane (ride) so that he gets to Turkey ( to go to Turkey)” ”Am nevoie ca tu să vii la spectacol” = ”I need that you come to the show”(I need you to come to the show)

Note that - on top of the meanings that you listed - ”ca” can be also translated to ”than”: ”eu sunt mai înalt ca (decât) tine” = ”I am taller than you”


no. Just two ways of saying it, similar to english ("I want you to..." or "I want that you...")


"Noi vrem CA voi să tăceți" = "We want THAT you remain silent", "Noi vrem să tăceți" = "We want you to remain silent" are both good translations

"Noi vrem voi să tăceți" = "We want you remain silent" (simply cutting "ca"and "that")- this is neither good romanian nor good english.


thanks a lot crbratu for taking your time and teaching us your language. I spent some time this morning looking for the differences between ca and . I always thought that the word THAT is reserved for . I came up with the following sentences.

  • o femeie ca tine - a woman like you
  • ca de obicei - like usual
  • lucrez ca inginer- I work as an enigneer


  • că te-ai gândit la mine - that you thought of me
  • (eu) cred că... - i think that
  • nu ţi-am zis că... - didn't I tell you that

Having ca for THAT is new and was not introduced here in Duolingo so far. Is it only used in conjunctive-mood? Maybe you could come up with some more sentences please, that we can understand when to use it that way. Thanks in advance.


okay. thanks a lot for the sentences. You really are a pillar of this comunity, crbratu! I will look into it and solve the mystery.


thanks for the answer. But to be honest, I do not really get it why ca needs to be there, but I will learn it by hard.

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