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Italian Speaker

I find it very frustrating trying to listen to the Italian speaker when I choose 'slow.' In many instances, her breathing interferes with what she is trying to say.

Spanish and French are fine. I frequently just give up because I cannot hear what she is trying to say over her breathing.

Can you do something about it?

February 20, 2013



I agree. The voice is frustrating. On regular speed, the articles are impossible to hear. On slow speed, there is a lot of weird breathing noise and a lot of words just fade out making them hard to make out. I've tried headphones and it doesn't improve the situation.


Yes, I have tried headphones also.


I agree with this and would like to see this corrected


Personally I find it quite nice to know there is a real person behind all this. Also a lot of listening skills depends upon our practiced ability to guess what is being said. Keep on trying - it will become easier and it is more real-life. Also, who could resist a breathy "Ti amo" :)


soy hablante nativo de espaƱol, hay alguien que quiera hacer one to one?.

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